"Sometimes you have a life experience that brings everything into focus," says Alejandra Campoverdi. In 2018, following a career in the White House under President Obama and a positive test for the BRCA2 gene, she underwent a preventative double mastectomy—discovering days later that, despite a recent ultrasound and mammogram, a post-surgery biopsy had detected the early stages of breast cancer. Now, the uplifting women's health advocate is the founder of Well Woman Coalition, an organization that empowers all women to take agency over their wellbeing with a compelling message: Be the CEO of your own body.

Turns out, those seven little words go way beyond health. From overcoming imposter syndrome and tapping into the power of your intuition to choosing clean beauty or household products that lower environmental exposure to toxins, Campoverdi's got wisdom in spades—the kind that occasionally makes your hair stand on end. When she's not sharing it, she's also got plenty to say about Latina beauty issues, her double life as a Disney princess, and how to be "that one person" who sparks a fire for the next generation. Is it too late to get this woman a Presidential nomination?



To learn more about Well Woman Coalition, an organization that empowers women of color to have agency over their own health and healing through awareness, education, and advocacy, click here!

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