There's red lipstick—and then there is red lipstick. The kind so bold and bright and date night/late night perfect, it calls for a little something extra. Backstage before the Brock Collection show at New York Fashion Week, Gucci wanted to capture a color that was crisp, confident, striking, and equally effortless to apply. Here's her easy guide to getting the look, from her low-maintenance skin prep to the best blotting technique:

1. Fresh skin is the secret to a modern, effortless take on bold red lips. Gucci "spot checks" with a little bit of Vital Skin foundation only where it's needed for the lightest touch, rather than using it all over the face. Typically, this means evening out discolorations under the eyes, on top of blemishes or spots, and around the chin or corners of the nose.

2. For a pretty flush that provides definition, work Super Loaded Tinted Highlight in Peau de Pêche along cheeks or cheekbones using the Blender Brush. The sheer peachy-bronze tone is a soft, super wearable alternative to a more traditional taupe contour, and it's especially flattering in winter, when skin tends to have less "life" and melatonin than it does in the warmer months.  To dial up the peachy effect, follow with Baby Cheeks blush in Chouchette or a sweep of Beauty Butter Bronzer on the apples.

3. The sheerest, most translucent wash of luminous bronze eye shadow gives shape to the lids without looking "makeup-y" or overpowering. Backstage at Brock, Gucci used the Tabac shade from the new Eye Pods Les Nuit Palette (out in April!), then followed with the Chocolat shade along the lower lashes lines and a brown pencil on the inner rims for depth.

4. A touch of Lit Up Highlight Stick across the eyelids gives a gorgeous glassy finish and brings light to the face. Follow with brushed up brows and a few coats of Eye Love You mascara.

5. Layers of crisp tomato bright lip color—painted on with the Lip Suede palette and a detail brush for the most perfect curve—create a scene-stealing matte red mouth that stays put. Customize the final shade to your own skin tone by mixing in a dab of fuchsia or brick, blot with a tissue to soften edges—and you're out the door.

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