Scroll through Oscar de la Renta creative director Laura Kim's Instagram feed and for a spilt second, you might wonder if you've accidentally stumbled upon her pastry chef/floral designer/celebrity facialist doppelgänger. But that's the thing about Kim—she possesses an inherent lightness of being that makes just about everything look easy.

The thirty-something fashion designer, who took the helm of the iconic American label alongside co-director Fernando Garcia in 2016, has put her stamp on the brand's classically feminine DNA with whimsical party dresses, extravagantly beautiful silk pajamas, and casual, travel-friendly pieces that are made for packing. Somehow, she has simultaneously turned Monsé, the independent label she co-founded with Garcia in 2015, into a rising force with a cultish celebrity following of its own—think Amal Clooney, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kerry Washington, and Sienna Miller.  

Through it all, she has remained radiantly fresh-faced—not a hyper pigmented spot, dull skin day, or puffy eye in sight. So then, how does she do it? Regular skincare sessions with superfacialists Joanna Czech in New York and Elaine Huntzinger in Paris for a combined light energy, cryotherapy, acupuncture, and facial cupping effect that appears to have left her, for all-intensive purposes, pretty much poreless. And that's just the beginning. Here, she sits down with Gucci to talk "skin makeup," Korean beauty, blush angst, and how she's mastering the 'chic-from-the-waist-up' equation on Zoom.

Want more insider skincare and beauty tricks? Watch Gucci's easy tutorial for fixing "Morning Face" and "How to Get an Instant Summer Glow" (starring Super Loaded in Peau de Rosé!


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