In our new Q&A series, we ask beauty icons, thought leaders, and spiritual seekers to their share their best secrets for living cleaner, looking better, and feeling happier. Their answers are practical magic, from the way they spend the first 5 minutes of every day to the one small skincare habit that changed everything

Five-minutes after stepping into the Westman Atelier offices, we learned the real secret to Isabeli Fontana's glowing skin and warm, positive energy. Pursuing her lifelong passion for healthy living and alternative healing therapies, the Brazilian supermodel is taking intensive courses to expand her knowledge as a healer and holistic life coach. In today's rapid fire Q&A video, she reveals her #1 all-natural skincare secret for getting rid of hyper pigmentation, the morning workout that clears her head and her energy meridians, and why no matter where she goes in the world, learning how to be grounded and present in her own body is the greatest journey she's taken.

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