Q: How do you talk to your teen about wearing makeup?

As a mother to two young daughters, one age five and the other approaching her teenage years, navigating how to talk to them about beauty is one topic Gucci admits she's still figuring out in today's Q&A. "It's really important to encourage curiosity and creativity in your children, but the images we've been surrounded by on social platforms—like transformational makeup and filters—are what worry me," she reflects.

Instead, Gucci aims to have conversations with her daughters about not needing approval from others and hopes to inspire confidence and a strong sense of self. Though the makeup philosophy behind Westman Atelier is all about enhancing one's natural beauty, but she's open to any makeup queries her daughters may have. "At the end of the day it's all about being there for them!"


Have a teen who's looking for guidance on anything from covering up breakouts to first makeup application? Westman Atelier's Beauty Concierge service is here for you.

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