The best skin-bolstering snack is one that's simple—something loaded with nutrients and so quick and delicious that you'll actually prepare it. For Gucci, spicy avocado toast on gluten-free bread meets all of the above criteria. Clocking in at 2 minutes, there's nothing tricky to this intuitive recipe, but a few small flourishes make it that much more addictive: a drizzle of olive oil, a pinch of coarse sea salt, a crunchy mix of radishes and poblano peppers, and the most flavorful loaf bought at L.A.'s Erewhon Market.  

Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, beta-carotene and folate, it's a satiating snack that functions as a natural multi-vitamin and boosts healthy skin function while providing slow burn energy and easy digestion.

Today, come inside Gucci's kitchen to watch her speedy and simple snack prep—and yes, it's really that easy. 


Gluten Free Bread

Olive Oil

1/4 an Avocado

1 Radish

1 Red Poblano Pepper

Flat Leaf Italian Parsley

1 Lime

Sea Salt

Crushed Red Pepper (Optional)


Toast bread and drizzle olive oil over toast

Add a quarter of an avocado—sliced and skin removed

Dice 1/2 tablespoon of a red or green poblano pepper (depending on desired spiciness)

Slice radish into thin matchsticks or thin round slices

Sprinkle with flat leaf Italian parsley, a squeeze of lime juice, and a sprinkle of sea salt over toast.

Optional - add shaved parmesan or crushed red pepper for an extra kick