Q: What are the best makeup tricks for great wedding photos?

Your wedding day is one of the few occasions that involve photos which last forever. "You’re going to want to cherish them,” says Gucci, who suggests putting a few simple principles into play—and then switching off and enjoying the moment.

To guide your makeup choices for the big day, consider environmental factors at play: Is there indoor lighting at night? Is the ceremony outdoors in summer humidity?  Also worth examining is the style of photography, whether it's flash, soft lit, or black-and-white. 

“Bear in mind that you want to enhance you,” says Gucci, who has prepped friends like Gwyneth Paltrow for their big day. In today's video, she shares her top tricks for looking great in your wedding photos, from avoiding mineral sunscreen to the beauty product that's your best friend before and after the ceremony.

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