"I'm really trying to channel Bridgerton right now," says Gucci, laughingly referring to the Netflix period drama, which she recently binge-watched at home—and which, not so coincidentally, features a surplus of rosy flushed cheeks that have her doubling up on blush. Because whether or not you've seen it, who doesn't want healthy burst of skin-brightening color right now?

"It makes me feel optimistic, oxygenated, like [I just had ] a good yoga class," says Gucci, who puts her own spin on the look using Baby Blender brush and Baby Cheeks in Bichette—back in stock after last month's sold out run.  Bonus: Her five minute tutorial breathes life into the skin—and, with a little pro trick for placement, makes undereye bags disappear.   Watch the full video now! 


Want to know your best Baby Cheeks shade? Click here for Gucci's guide to choosing the perfect tone. Plus, here's everything you need to know about Baby Blender brush.


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