Hot yoga. High-intensity cardio. Beach boot camp. If you love the endorphin rush of a serious workout, you're probably familiar with the phenomenon known as "gym face"—think beet red cheeks smattered with blotchy Rorschach patterns or an exuberantly sweaty all-over pink flush.  

In today's clean beauty tutorial, Gucci shares her favorite method for cooling down skin (thank you, Wim Hof!) and calming rosacea flares using a CBD-infused face serum and gentle probiotic day cream as a base. Next comes coverage using Vital Skin foundation, which she developed with safe, soothing plant-based actives formulated at clinical efficacy levels. The idea, says Gucci, was to create a foundation that would do more than cover. "It would calm, correct, and actually make my skin better over time."

Watch her demonstrate her speedy pro application (surprise fact: a good foundation brush is actually faster that fingers) for neutralizing redness just in time for your morning Zoom.

For more problem-solving beauty fixes, check out Gucci's guide to getting rid of "morning face," spots and blemishes, and even post-laser hyperpigmentation using Vital Skin.  Plus, check out our foundation tutorial series for fair, medium, and deep skin tones.

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