“I’m going to skip on the lipstick before I skip on the brows," says model Sylke Golding—perched alongside Gucci on a velvet sofa and discussing her only true 'won't-leave-the-house-without-it' makeup staple. The pair is bonding today over a shared history of overplucking. “Of course, we want our brows back,” says Gucci with a Bonne Brow Defining Pencil in hand. “When we can’t have them back, we can fake it ‘til we make it.”

For Golding, a full brow has "a framing aspect, it adds to the structure of your face"—but she struggles with getting the shape right in areas where hairs are sparse. To take the guesswork out of the equation, Gucci shows her how to identify the best starting and ending points, using the pencil as a guide. (For more on that, check out her easy pro trick in the full video!)  Playing off Golding's textured bob, delicate features, and golden skin tone, Gucci chooses the Clay shade and gets to work.

Making tiny, feathery strokes, she fills gaps with the pencil’s thin angled blade (made of 100% naturally derived, perfect-glide pigments), then refines her work with the clean blending spoolie on the opposite end. “I need to [find] Sylke's arch and follow it,” says Gucci, who identifies the brow's highest point, then slopes subtly downward as she extends toward the outer ends—rather than drawing a Hepburn-esque straight line. 

“I think ideally what we all want is to look like it’s us,” says Gucci of the ultra-natural effect. Watch the three-minute video now to witness the transformational results.


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Bonne Brow Defining Pencil's vegan formula is made of 100% naturally derived pigments. No silicones, parabens, PEGs, phthalates, or talc. 


For more insider tips, Gucci's guide to the full shade range offers her best tips to finding your perfect match.  For a consultation, book a complimentary appointment with our Beauty Concierge.