“I’m big into brows,” says Gucci, reflecting on recent months spent in the lab, working to make all four shades of Bonne Brow Defining Pencil exactly right. “The result of filling or deepening them can be transformative, but in a really subtle way." And the effect is that much more impactful when your hair is fair, adds Gucci,  who believes that "brows frame the face, they're such an important part of expression."  

For those with extremely pale skin and cool blonde or red hair, there's Bonne Brow in Stone.  But for today's tutorial on Swedish stunner Victoria Germyn, Gucci took the model's warm golden skin tone into account, and reached for Clay—a “taupey blonde” shade that also works well for those with light brown hair.

After a quick brush-through with the pencil's detachable dry spoolie to assess Germyn's natural arch and brow thickness, Gucci sets to work. “I love the shape of this little sword,” she says of Bonne Brow's angled tip which, in combination with the firm-yet-gentle vegan formula,  makes the process quick and effortless. “It’s not too wide or too thick—it has a good sharpness that allows for great application.” The goal? Baby fine, natural strokes that are then swept-through again using the spoolie for ultimate blending. 

Gucci adds a simple pro tip: “If you’re not sure how far to go with the brow, if it feels natural to extend them a little bit,” use your own features as a guide: Measure straight up from the tip of the nose with your pencil to find where brows should start, then follow the line from the tip of the nose, past the corner of the eye to identify where they should end.  The result is worth a double take. Watch the full video to see more!


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Bonne Brow's vegan formula is made of 100% naturally derived pigments. No silicones, parabens, PEGs, phthalates, or talc.   Check out Gucci's guide to the full shade range and learn her method to fill holes and get the most feathery, natural effect