"Once you've used great brushes to apply your makeup, it's pretty much impossible to go back," says Gucci of the flawless "real skin" finish provided by beautifully crafted tools. So when she set out to create her own dream version in the form of Westman Atelier's foundation, powder, and blender brushes, she looked to Kumano, Japan, where the world's oldest brush artisans use handcrafted techniques to ensure the most extraordinary quality and shape. Other features on her hit list included shorter handles for more control and Forest Stewardship Council-certified birchwood that wouldn't harm the environment. As for the color of her bristles? "I wanted them to be pure white," she says. "That way, you'll never forget when it's time to clean them."

A quick weekly wash prevents the growth of bacteria and keeps each color application pure. Plus, says Gucci, the process doesn't have to be complicated and can be done in 2 minutes while you simultaneously engage in sheet masking or Netflix and chill. Here's her easy guide to protecting your best investment (aka, your face).


• Start by laying out a clean white cloth or paper towel and your brush cleaner. Gucci's favorite formula is Parian Spirit, which is made from citrus oils and food-grade solvents that disinfect and condition.

• If your brushes just need a quick touch up, you can spray the solution directly onto the bristles until they're damp. For bigger jobs, Gucci likes to pour an inch of cleanser into a small bowl and dip the bristles in all the way to completely saturate them.

• Take the damp brush head and swish it back and forth against the towel to remove product residue. Do this for about a minute, or until no more makeup comes off. (Note: This process can be deeply gratifying in the same way as removing chipped nail polish or getting extractions at the facialist.)

• Lay your brushes horizontally on a flat surface to dry. That's it. Really. Consider those unintentional dirtbag ways officially reformed.

For Gucci's tips on how to use Westman Atelier's foundation, powder, and blender brushes like a pro, check out our website.


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