"When decorating my home, I'm always drawn to objects that are rooted in craftsmanship and feel special yet timeless. Spending so much time at our place in Bedford, NY, these past two years has shifted my perspective on what a big difference certain pieces can make. Like how the right blush color can affect your mood, so can the right accessories or furniture in your workspace. These pieces keep me inspired!" xx Gucci

Eternity Modern Chair

"When decorating my Westman Atelier studio space, I wanted the atmosphere to feel clean, non-cluttered, light, and cozy. A touch of Scandinavian style is always in the mix so this Eternity Modern chair fits right in."

Hermes Avalon III Throw Blanket

"These blankets elevate any room, but as a tip, I'll often browse the actual equestrian styles, too! They have the same luxurious aesthetic but are much more affordable in wool. Plus, you won't need to be as precious as you would cashmere—especially in a home with kids and pets!"

Cire Trudon Candle

"The 'Manon' scent is perfect in the summertime with notes of lavender and orange that smell amazing."

Olive Topiary Tree

"These look so pretty as an accent in a sunny living space. I love how they look but don't get too attached because as soon as they dry up, it's time for a new plant!

Nordic Knots Fjord Rug

"A great rug can really pull a room together and I admire the artistry behind this Swedish brand and their minimalistic designs."

Palm Floor Lamp

"I saw this lamp at Sotheby's last year and am still eyeing it! Now more than ever, I appreciate one-of-a-kind pieces with a history and love that this antique will be repurposed."  

Fitzhugh Karol Side Table

"Fitzhugh handcrafts the most beautiful wooden tables! Because he's great friend and neighbor, I've been lucky enough to see firsthand the level of detail that goes into his work—he's so talented!"
Did you know that a 400 year old heritage brand inspired the gold tones seen throughout Westman Atelier? Read more about why Skultuna's objects are a mainstay in Gucci's home and shop our exclusive Westman Atelier collaboration here.