Gucci Westman's approach to decorating her home parallels Westman Atelier's curated range of makeup. Like her beauty kits, her spaces are always carefully considered, merging timeless staples with new, quality discoveries. That's why when nearly a decade ago a friend gifted her a Skultuna brass planter, she was immediately drawn to the brand's heirloom-worthy objects. "Being half Swedish, Skultuna really resonated with me and has such a rich heritage. My husband David and I have gone on to collect trays, vases, and candle holders for our home and love the impeccable craftsmanship. All of their pieces beautifully add a modern touch to classic design."

As one of the oldest companies in the world, Skultuna was founded in 1607 by King Karl IX of Sweden. It originated as a brass foundry, named after the lakeside town in which it resided, and still services the Swedish royal family today. Over its four-century history, the brand has shifted from producing ornate decorative arts to partnering with contemporary designers for its current, sleek Scandinavian wares. The artisanal high quality of their products has never faltered, and they've become a mainstay on mantles and tabletops in Gucci's home.

"Skultuna's polished, brass finishes and minimal aesthetic very much inspired us early on for the gold packaging of our Eye Love You Mascara and compacts," says Gucci. "Their products have a certain timelessness and luxurious feel, which is very similar to what we wanted to evoke with Westman Atelier."

Then two summers ago, David and Gucci had the unique opportunity to visit Skultuna in Stockholm to get started on a dream collaboration as she reflects, "Creating something with this storied company was a true honor. A tremendous amount of pride and integrity goes into their work, and there was so much synergy between our two brands." Skultuna's CEO Viktor Blomqvist echos Gucci's sentiment noting the collaboration's unique nature, "In 413 years of business, working with an international makeup brand was first for us." The result? A limited-edition gold makeup tray that's very special indeed.

Scroll through for a peek a Gucci's homeware collection over the years, plus the luxe Westman Atelier details it inspired. Then make sure to shop our exclusive "Guldbaggen" tray that'll become the perfect addition to any vanity.

Want to brush up on your Swedish and see which makeup sticks are on Gucci's tray? Watch her Westman Atelier x Skultuna "Guldbaggen" unboxing here. Then learn how to give your complexion a warm, golden glow using our Super Loaded Tinted Highlight in Peau de Soleil.

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