If there's one thing mask-wearing has done for morning beauty routines everywhere, it's upping the eye makeup game. "Today I'm going to show you how to do an easy look using [Eye Pods in] Les Jours," says Gucci, whose favorite "sheer smoky eye" is chocolate brown and sheer enough for a Zoom call with colleagues or a "why not?" weekend look.

In her three-minute tutorial, she creates a translucent, satiny lid using two simple steps, with a special assist from her foolproof blending brushes. "I'm going to [apply] Chocolat, which is my deep shade, on the lids, and Neige, which is my highlight, on the tear ducts and to lift the corners of my eyes." 

The clean and cushion-y formula glides on effortlessly—no silicones or talc required.  A few finishing swipes of Eye Love You's feathery volumizing pigments give lashes a fluffy black frame. "That's it!," says Gucci. "Super fast, how easy is that?" Blink and you'll almost miss it.


Today's video tutorial features Eye Pods in Les Jours with Eye Shadow Brush I and II.

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