If you've been to Los Angeles, chances are you know that the "hottest hangout in town"—as dubbed by the New York Times—is yes, a grocery store. That's because the aisles are lined with an eclectic mix of organic produce, fresh juices, and the best assortment of nutritious treats to make any wellness lover swoon.

Every time Gucci visits the city, a trip to Erewhon is essential for an energy-boosting tonic before a long day on set or to stock up on favorite gluten-free goodies. Scroll on to see which healthy picks made it into her cart and get inspired for your next West Coast excursion.

Erewhon Organic Cold Pressed Juice:

"It isn't truly a trip to Erewhon Market without fueling up with a fresh juice, a  wellness shot, or visiting their tonic bar. This time I got the 'Just Greens with Lemon Ginger' juice before heading to my photo shoot."

Bread Srsly Gluten Free Sourdough:

"These gluten-free bread options are so good, it's worth packing a few loaves in your suitcase if you don't live in L.A.! Our family loved baking sourdough during quarantine, but this brand's alternative is a favorite."

Dastony Sprouted Almond Butter:

"Since I make my own almond milk once a week and occasionally my own almond butter, I appreciate a ready-made pick like this to eat with breakfast toast and berries."

Good Roots Lotus Chips:

"This is such an interesting and healthy alternative to a potato chip. It's made from a lotus root yet still has a great flavor and crunch."

Healing Movement Raw Cultured Vegetables:

"Fermented veggies with my lunch or dinner are great because they so good for the gut. This red blend is colorful, organic, and packed with probiotics, too."

Tartine Sprouted Seeded Rye:

"Because Tartine is one of the most famous bakeries in America, it's a must to try one of their artisanal baked goods when in L.A. or the Bay Area. Sprouted ingredients are also great for digestion and how delicious does this loaf look?"

Erewhon Latte with Adaptogens:

"A custom coffee order here is definitely a splurge, but it's a special L.A. treat to experience! My go-to is a homemade almond milk latte with energy-boosting adaptogens. There's so many add-on options to choose from superfoods to ghee, and even collagen powder."

The Organic Pantry Co. Flaxseed Crackers:

"Crackers like these are a staple in our pantry and I brought these home to serve with dips or spreads as the fall holidays approach."

Breadblok Chestnut Sourdough:

"Another gluten-free find! This family-owed bakery has been adapting their French Provençal recipes for three generations and their breads are free of soy, gums, and any refined sugars."

South Forty Sunflower Seeds:

"A snack that reminds me of California summers. I love the simplicity of the ingredients—just sunflower seeds and sea salt."

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