“Everybody has one eye with less lashes,” proclaims Gucci—who, gleaming gold wand in hand, has just revealed her ultimate secret weapon for turning any nighttime makeup look into an easy win: Meet Westman Atelier’s brand new Eye Love You mascara! Made with 96% natural ingredients, the lush plumping and volumizing formula, which launches today exclusively on westman-atelier.com, has gone through countless revisions to get it to Gucci’s precise specifications: Think pitch black, reflectively glossy, and able to nurture lashes from the root while delivering mile-long silky length in one stroke.  

“My mission was to replace the [synthetic] mascaras in my makeup bag with one that focused on clean ingredients and performance and boom! This is our baby!” she says as she settles down to demonstrating her preferred application technique. “I like to start at the root of the lash and kind of swivel my way up,” she explains as she jiggles the brush back and forth horizontally with a slight motion. Next, she turns the wand perpendicular to her lash line and strokes up using “the pokey part” to amp up the tiniest hairs at the inner and outer corners. 

With her eyes now framed by a full set of fluttery lashes, the rest of her going-out makeup routine is a breeze: She keeps things fresh using Vital Skin foundation only where needed, performs a quick brow touch-up, and executes some stealth contouring along the bridge of her nose with her Face Trace stick (“I almost do this over curling my lashes!” she admits). The final touch? A quick dab of her go-to Nars crayon in Bahama—the perfect no lipstick-lipstick for subtle plumping. Cheers!

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