What if tomorrow morning looked something like this? Wake up, drink coffee, Zoom call your favorite Westman Atelier makeup artist at 9am for a quick face-to-face chat about all things beauty.

That was the idea behind Westman Atelier's Clean Beauty Concierge, a new complimentary one-on-one consultation service that's all about you. Booking is easy—just click here to schedule. Then spend a few minutes plotting how to use your private 10-minute appointment: Want foundation shade matching and personalized color recs for your skin tone? No problem. Need a WA pro to perform "clean swaps" on your traditional makeup staples? Check. Excited to learn more about safe ingredients and skincare actives? We've got you covered. There are also zillions of WA application tips, product tricks, and IRL mini-tutorials on request with, say, that Face Trace contour stick you've been feeling shy about trying on your cheekbones. 

Created by Gucci and our makeup-obsessed team as a fresh new way to connect with you, it's also our chance to hear your unfiltered feedback. From the Baby Cheeks shade you're burning to see next to that little detail you'd tweak in our packaging, bring it on. Because we're only as good as you think we are. Now, what are you waiting for? Let's go!

xx Team WA

Hear Gucci talk about the journey from editorial makeup artist to Westman Atelier clean beauty crusader, and her mission to create products that were innovative, high-performing, active and safe; plus, read more about the toxic ingredients you'll never find in Westman Atelier's clean makeup formulas.