When it comes to modern American icons, Christy Turlington Burns ranks right at the top. At 51, the legendary supermodel is disarmingly stunning—all gravity-defying bone structure with the kind of expressive face that makes one long for a world without Botox. And yet Turlington Burns, whose transcendent elegance has inspired everyone from the artist Francesco Clemente to the designer Marc Jacobs, is the living embodiment of beauty from the inside out. Celebrating 10 years of Every Mother Counts, the charitable organization she founded exactly a decade ago in the service of championing maternal rights, she has impacted the lives of countless women and children. This month, in response to the COVID-19 crisis, she's busy raising critical funds for the cause and highlighting the work of frontline workers who are risking their lives everyday to help.  

In episode 8 of "Makeup & Friends," shot a few months before the pandemic changed everything, she sits down with Gucci to reflect on the journey that brought her here. From the Calvin Klein campaign that turned minimalism into the new sexy to the 'aha moment' that made her found Every Mother Counts and why the US needs to seriously raise the bar on maternal health, she is riveting. Plus, why she never has—and never will—touched injectables and how that legendary Vogue cover came to be. Watch the full video now!

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