Q: What’s a timeless eye makeup look for wedding season?

“On a big day, a wedding day, I definitely want to pull out all the stops,” says Gucci, who loves to play up the eyes for that most special of special occasions.  Whether you're the betrothed, mother of the bride, or a member of the wedding party, she suggests a foolproof look that's “easy, timeless, beautiful."  In today's "Ask Gucci," she shares her favorite technique for leveling up your gaze. The goal: To define, elongate, and lift with tones of warm bronze and chocolate. 

“I’m going to start [by] giving myself something to grab onto with our Vital Pressed Skincare Powder,” says Gucci, who dusts the velvety hydrating veil onto lids for boosted wear using her favorite brush. Grabbing the Eye Pods palette in Les Jours  (great for her hazel eyes), she sweeps on Chocolat (a rich bittersweet brown) close to the lashes, into the crease, and gently beneath the eyes.  If you get off track, she adds, don't panic: You can always adjust the shape of your shadow or clean things using Vital Skin Foundation and the edge of your foundation brush.


Then comes the X-factor—a gleaming touch of lush bronze shadow (in Tabac) at the center of the top and bottom lids only for a twinkling "mirror" effect. The pop of light makes the face "a little more open”and bright.  Chanel Boy brown liner and a swish of Eye Love You Mascara  seal the deal—and boom, there you have it:  the classic wedding night look that’s always a perfect fit.  


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