"Earlier this year, I bought a bottle of CantinArte's Pecorino Colori wine on the recommendation of a vendor I know and trust. He said it would blow my mind—and it did. As someone who typically drinks rosé in the summertime, this orange wine, which derives its color by staying in contact with the grape skins during maceration, has a fresh, mellow and mineral character that's a bit less sweet. 

I love that it's made by a small family producer in Abruzzo, Italy, that takes enormous pride in their organic process. There are no herbicides, insecticides, fungicides or fertilizers used to grow their grapes. Instead, the hard work of pruning, weeding, and harvesting is done by hand and natural methods are used to keep the soil fertile. There are also no chemicals are used in the cellar, where the wine is allowed to evolve without intervention. The only problem with this wine is getting more of it! Only a few thousand bottles are produced every year and it can require a bit of hunting—but I promise, it's worth the effort!" xx Gucci

For more information about CantiArte Pecorino Colori d'Abruzzo, click here! To purchase, contact Acker Wines.

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