Technically, it's spring—so why do we feel like our skin didn't get the memo? Fortunately, there's a thing called makeup. Today, Gucci shares her favorite way to wake up her face with a series of tiny, almost imperceptible tweaks that bring everything to life: A touch of Vital Skin foundation only under the eyes or where there's redness; a little Lit Up Highlight stick on cheekbones and lips for radiance; a juicy wash of color on the cheeks; and the subtlest bit of brow-filling magic. The lynchpin? A special assist from Beauty Butter Bronzer under the eyes and high on the cheeks for all-over warmth and bonne mine. Clocking in at one minute and thirty-seven seconds, it takes less time than our other morning essential at the moment (hello, coffee)—but the payoff is just as satisfying.

For Gucci's 7-step skincare ritual, check out her full morning routine now! Need a new series to binge watch? Check out Season 1 of "Makeup & Friends," starring Cameron Diaz, Julianne Moore, Martha Stewart, and more!

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