Even professional globe-trotters find the 23-hour voyage from New York City to Australia—not to mention the 14-hour time difference—undeniably challenging. When Gucci traveled Down Under this spring, she couldn't have imagined the toll it would take on her body. “After such a long and grueling flight, I was out of sync and dehydrated,” says Gucci, who received a pro-tip from an Ozzie friend to pay a visit to Dr. Zara Celik at the Amara Wellness Centre, a holistic haven in the heart of Melbourne, complete with an infrared sauna, hammam, and a comprehensive list of integrated health services. Chief among them? An EndermoTherapie massage that’s as relaxing as it is recharging.


The hour-long, tailor-made treatment incorporates a supercharged handheld roller equipped with suction cups to gently lift and stretch the fascia, stimulate the lymphatic system, and remove toxins for firmer skin and loosened up muscles—not to mention a total-body glow that belies any signs of exhaustion and gives an instantly brighter, healthier look. “It really helped energize and harmonize me. It was life-changing!” Gucci notes. Or, at the very least, trip-changing. Consider it a requisite first stop in the Land of Oz to beat your jet lag once and for all.


For bookings:
Amara Wellness Centre
597-601 Sydney Road,
+ 61(03) 9388 2828