Q: What products can I use with Baby Blender brush?

"As a makeup artist, I'm obsessed with brushes," says Gucci, who wanted to create the perfect tools when developing her own namesake set. Crafted by the world's oldest brushmakers in Japan, each one is designed with precise dimensions, cruelty-free ivory bristles, and sustainable birchwood handles that are slightly shorter in length for more control. Today, Gucci zeroes in on Baby Blender and explains exactly which WA products work with the miniature blending tool, which has a smaller, rounder, more compact head than its larger counterpart. Great for all those "precise little areas where you want to get a really refined application." Watch the full video now!

Want to focus on flushed cheeks and subtly defined cheekbones? Check out this Baby Blender tutorial, which reveals Gucci's tricks for custom mixing Baby Cheeks blush shades and creating healthy, rosy apples.