Q: What are your best under-eye concealer tricks?

Learning how to perfect your concealer game is a transformative makeup skill— and it's one of Gucci's top tutorial requests. For her, a quick eye refresh starts with selecting the right shade of Vital Skin Foundation for the primary issue at hand. "You want to look rested without looking too made up," she notes while showcasing her two shade method to mimic natural tonality under the eyes.

Here, Gucci shares all her pro application how-tos, from camouflaging dark circles with a warmer foundation to using a handy brush to target pigmentation, and the blush placement trick that makes all the difference. Plus, the illuminating technique with Lit Up Highlight in Nectar that instantly brightens the area and why she'll always choose a high-performing face moisturizer over an actual eye cream. Watch the full video now! 

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