Q: Which Westman Atelier makeup brushes go with my favorite products?

"As a makeup artist, high-quality brushes are truly so important. The difference [they make] in terms of your application is a game-changer," says Gucci, who is ready to review our lineup of eight sustainably made brushes. Crafted by the oldest brushmakers in Japan, they feature shorter handles for maximum control and custom-shaped heads (using cruelty-free bristles) for perfect pickup and flawless application.

Today, Gucci shares how to use them all—plus, which brush to use with your favorite Westman Atelier products. There's the Blender Brush, which intuitively glides on Super Loaded Tinted Highlight for softly sculpted, luminous cheeks; or the Spot Check Brush—custom fitted with a pointed tip to target imperfections with Vital Skin Foundation. Which ones are best for your makeup needs? Watch the full video to find out!

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