Q: How do you refine the arms, legs, and décolleté?

Gucci's signature approach to radiant and healthy skin doesn't just end with the face's complexion. Instead, it's full-picture, with a beauty kit brimming with body care products, too. "To deliver the skin's best finish, it's really all about how you prep," she says, and in a season filled with shorts and dresses, supple-looking skin is top of mind.

For super smooth arms and legs, Gucci loves gentle yet effective exfoliants as a start and ultra-rich creams that deliver long-lasting hydration. Then, on-and-off set she swears by lotions with firming action plus a tinted, sun-kissed pick that "blurs" imperfections. 

But what's her most intuitive trick of all? Dabbing a little Lit Up Highlight on the collarbones to impart skin with a luminous sheen, anytime. Watch now and shop the rest of Gucci's body picks here!

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