Q: How do you remove long-wearing lip stains and lipsticks quickly? 

There's nothing as genius as a bold, bright, supersaturated shade of lipstick that actually stays put for the night—and, when it finally does begin to fade, simply wears down to the prettiest juicy stain. But if that lingering hint of color is being a little too good at its job come bedtime, you may need a little extra help getting it off.

Gucci's favorite trick for removing vibrant lip colors is to use cleansing oil. Pai Skincare's Light Work formula lifts and dissolves vivid shades (like the creamy matte tomato red in the Lip Suede palette) with conditioning plant extracts. She applies a pump of oil to her lips, then uses a warm washcloth to gently exfoliate the surface.

Another pro secret that's good in a pinch—and usually available in a hotel minibar if you suddenly realize you've forgotten your makeup remover: Sparkling water. Whether it's the slightly acidic pH or some unexplained X factor, it just works. Watch the full video!

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