Q:  What are your favorite safe & clean children's personal care products?

As a mother of three, it was Gucci's own children—Dash, Gray, and Petal—that kept her laser focused on creating Westman Atelier's clean and safe products during the challenging first years of forging a business. "I wanted them to be able to kiss my cheeks and know there weren't any questionable ingredients in my makeup," she recalls of the spark that energized her during miscellaneous setbacks, formulation misfires, and endless deep dive ingredients research. In today's "Ask Gucci,"  she shares the clean and natural children's personal care products she uses in their baths, on their bodies, and beyond.

Watch the full video for her top picks, from an all-purpose balm for cuts, sunburns, and scrapes to a fragrance-free, pediatrician reviewed, kid-approved bubble bath. 

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