Q: What are your favorite rosacea treatment skincare and makeup products?

"Today I'm having an ok skin day. Other days, it's super angry. You don't ever know what you're going to get!" says Gucci of the unpredictable complexion flare-ups caused by her rosacea, which first developed during her third pregnancy with her daughter, Petal. The skin condition itself isn't curable—but, in addition to some precise tweaks to your daily routine (hi, sunscreen) and your diet (goodbye, spicy everything), the right treatment products can make a profound difference.

In today's video, Gucci shares the clean beauty staples she swears by to calm redness and irritation, and opens up about why Vital Skin is infused with soothing anti-inflammatory actives formulated at efficacy levels. Hint: It's personal.


Ever experienced post-workout "gym face?" Watch Gucci's tutorial for concealing redness and flushing following a major sweat session. Plus, everything you need to know about Vital Skin Foundation