Q: Who are your favorite facialists and what's your approach to skincare maintenance?

"Consistency is key," says Gucci of her hard-and-fast philosophy when it comes to monthly facials. Not unlike exercise, good skin calls for an ongoing commitment and a solid investment of time and energy to see results—sculpted cheekbones, tightened jawlines, and refined pores. It also calls for a gifted facialist with excellent training, state-of-the-art equipment, and a certain X factor. Whether that means an intuitive healing touch or a protocol that's taken a lifetime to develop, here are the five skincare gurus Gucci swears by in New York City.

The Skincare Squad

Joanna Czech

Boasting a mega celebrity client list and a technique so famous, it's now a verb—just search #Czeched on Instagram—the Polish-born superstar's salon at The Webster is a Hollywood haven. The method: Next-level massage, collagen-boosting cryotherapy, exfoliating ultrasound, and negative ionization therapy.


    Georgia Louise

    Introduced by mutual friend Linda Evangelista, Louise has been Gucci's go-to facialist for more than a decade. With a touch that's both gentle and transformative, she's also been known to follow up with clients by cell, FaceTime, and text. The method: Meditation, massage, and cutting edge-machines (with a special assist from Louise's excellent self-titled skincare line). 

    Denuta Mieloch 

    Supermodels and industry veterans visit this New York City aesthetician for her effective lifting technique and prescriptive, problem-solving take on at-home skincare (note: she swears by Biologique Recherché regimens). The method: Mieloch, who work out of New York City's Rescue Spa, uses micro lift and remodeling devices to flush out excess puff and shape the face. 

    Elaine Huntzinger

    A Paris-based acupuncturist who makes regular trips to New York, Huntzinger is a lifelong practitioner of natural medicine and has taken 12 years to develop her signature technique. The method: A combination of facial acupuncture, crystal-infused energy work,  and ancient techniques such as cupping, moxibustion, and gua sha to utterly refresh skin.

    Ivan Pol (aka The Beauty Sandwich)

    This West Coast skincare bastion's holistic, non-invasive approach to volumizing and plumping attracts Young Hollywood actresses and old school fashion royalty. The method: A multi-layered strategy that involves radio frequency and face-sculpting.