Q: What's the Best Eye Cream?

"I'm going to be honest—I don't actually wear eye cream," says Gucci, responding to this week's most-asked question on Instagram. Always on a mission to hunt down the most effective and the quickest skincare fix, she prefers to tap on the same high-performance moisturizer she uses for the face, rather than reach for a second product. But that doesn't mean she doesn't have an opinion. Years of working with Hollywood actresses on set have given her plenty of time to experiment and cultivate a few practical rules: Always pat, never rub (it's gentler). Don't get too close to the lashes (you'll tear for days). And if you're putting it on before eye makeup in the morning, skip the upper lids.  From a cushiony Vitamin C-rich formula for night to a reflective plant-powered serum that goes perfectly under makeup, here are Gucci's pro picks and application tips.