Q: What are your spring haircare essentials?

"Now that it's spring, I like to focus on looking [out for] the health of my scalp," says Gucci, ready to dive into the products that clarify and manage her coarse, wavy hair. First up are DPHue's assortment of rinses and scrubs that utilize apple cider vinegar as a star ingredient to remove buildup and impurities. Then, there's a lineup of purple-tinted hair treatments that maintain the tone of her ash blonde highlights—which she touches up regularly at David Mallett's jewel-box salon at The Webster. At the top of her list: Rahau's Color Full Shampoo and Davines' Alchemic Conditioner.

Watch the full video now for all her favorites, including the Deborah Pagani hair pin that's been a timesaver all year


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