Q: What does the 80/20 philosophy mean to you?

"Nobody's perfect," says Gucci while delving into the 80/20 approach that applies to both her wellness habits and business practices. The concept is relatively simple for this lifelong clean food lover, meaning she'll try to maintain a healthy, balanced routine 80% of the time, but will be flexible for the other 20% to enjoy pizza, pasta, and wine sans guilt.

A similar philosophy surrounds Westman Atelier's performance-driven, clean formulas. "Bringing my expertise as a makeup artist into the line is important, but so is finding safe ingredient choices for our skin and the environment,” she explains, “We have a 'plants first' approach, but that doesn't mean sacrificing integrity. If a natural option doesn't work for the product's performance, we'll always work alongside our labs to find the safest, most responsible synthetic alternative. Continually self-reflecting to learn and evolve as a brand is the key." Watch the full video now to learn more!

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