"I met Ana for the first time through Gwyneth Paltrow," recalls Gucci, who has been a passionate devotee of London superfacialist Anastasia Achilleos since the two crossed paths in the lead up to GP's 2018 wedding.. Enter our six-part video series, which gives Achilleos a platform to share her gravity-defying fascia release technique using simple massage movements that counter stay-at-home stress, screen time, and social distancing fatigue from home. 

Each week, Achilleos isolates overworked areas of the body, from the heart center and throat to the tiny muscles around the eyes, brows, and mouth. By gentle releasing the deep connective tissue, she re-shapes the face, lifts the brows, energizes the body, unclenches the jaw, and even relieves sinus pressure.

It's a weekly self-care ritual that offers a total mental and physical reset. All you need is a bowl of warm water, a small towel, a gentle cleanser, facial oil, or moisturizer—and your hands. This Saturday marks Achilleos's final transformational lesson in the truly addictive series. But if you're just tuning in, not to worry. All six episodes will live here on Gucci's Guide for posterity. So get ready—class is officially in session.

Saturday's with Anna

Tune in this Saturday, July 4, at 12:00pm to watch the latest Anastasia Achilleos's fascia release facial lesson. For more DIY self-care skincare, check out Gucci's favorite 7-step easy facial routine.