"You're going to freak out when you see the new additions to our Lit Up Highlight shades," says Gucci, who is holding up three little gleaming black sticks in today's surprise unboxing video—and, let's be honest, kind of freaking out herself. 

Inside one, there's Lit, the glassy, cool iridescent shade that started it all. "I wanted a product that could give skin that luminosity and clarity you only get when you've just had a facial," recalls Gucci of the original Lit Up Highlight stick, which she created using clean, light-reflective pigments in a translucent gel base that's loaded with skin hydrating and firming actives. Now, she's ready to introduce two new shades of the best-selling highlight cream: Nectar and Brûlée.

"Nectar is just so divine," says Gucci of the glassy, golden peach hue, which made a limited edition appearance in December—and is back by popular demand. "It gives this subtle radiance to any skin tone, and it's my take on gold."  Brûlee is a bit different, she says. "It's this beautiful golden bronze finish that gives a soft highlight to deep skin or beautiful sun-kissed warmth to fair skin."

Here, watch Gucci as she shares the trio of new shades—"cousins, not sisters," she laughs—and her favorite ways to use them for freshness and dimension. Whether layered under foundation or dabbed on top to cheekbones, lips, collarbones, and clavicles, it's the ultimate flash facial in a little stick. 

Want more ways to warm up skin and boost glow? Check out Gucci's 10-minute ritual for waking up dull and dry skin in winter—with a special Lit Up cameo!

For more info on the skin nourishing ingredients in our Lit Up formula, click here.

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