Here's a pro makeup lesson worth committing to heart: Turns out, the secret to amped up, authentic, radiant sun-kissed skin is layering on multiple tones under your bronzer. In today's video tutorial, Gucci walks through her easy layering technique, which involves a hint of Super Loaded in Peau de Soleil here, and a wash of brightening Peau de Rosé there on bare skin. Next comes a pop of Baby Cheeks blush, some Vital Skin foundation, and a dab of Lit Up highlighter—and, finally, a swoosh of Beauty Butter Bronzer just when you least expect it. Think back-from-the-beach skin, built to an extreme healthy glow. And yes, it's really that easy. 

To learn how to choose your best Baby Cheeks shade, click here! Looking to master your foundation application this weekend? Check out our Vital Skin tutorial by skin tone.

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