"I love to amplify the skin, enhance the skin, make it the best version of itself," says Gucci in today's clean beauty masterclass, which gives a quick and easy lesson in how to conceal all types of spots—blemishes, bumps, age spots, broken blood vessels—using the Spot Check brush. "This little guy is what does it," she says, waving the new targeted makeup tool, available now exclusively on Westman-Atelier.com, in front of the camera.

Watch her demonstrate her second skin method, developed over years of working on set with Hollywood's most famous faces, in today's tutorial.  It's everything you need to know—from how to use the pointed tip brush and the best way to blend (always tap, never rub!) to the right shade of foundation for your specific issue. "Now grab your Vital Skin stick and let's go!" 

The Spot Check brush is available now exclusively on Westman-Atelier.com! For more about Vital Skin Foundation's hydrating, soothing, and nourishing formula (made without silicones!), click here!  

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