Q: What’s the Best Way to Layer the Clean Glow Trio? 

Sculpt. Highlight. Add a pop of color. Three steps and three products are all that’s needed to nail healthy-looking skin, anytime. With that philosophy in mind, Gucci unboxes the new Clean Glow Trio gift sets for a game changing "less is more" makeup lesson that comes in a little box.

Each kit contains petite, travel-ready versions of Face Trace, Lit Up Highlight, and Baby Cheeks bestsellers. Today, Gucci chooses Trio I as it "pops the most" on fair to medium skin tones. Trio II is also available (with Truffle, Nectar, and Dou Dou) to flatter skin tones that veer deeper.

With Biscuit, Lit, and Petal in hand,  Gucci zips through three easy steps to add warm definition, dewy highlight, and a rosy flush. There are no set rules on the order to apply, says Gucci, but she loves to contour, then brighten, and then add a final healthy color boost to intuitively "bring the skin back to life.” Watch the full video now to see the complexion-enhancing, Clean Glow Trio technique in action!

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