It doesn't need to be heatwave season to get healthy flushed apples and radiant cheekbones all year long. In today's clean beauty tutorial, Gucci shows her favorite 3-step technique for creating "summer cheeks."  Think a quick sweep of Face Trace contour stick, an unexpectedly steamy Baby Cheeks blush shade, and the glassiest, most gorgeous highlight stick (hello, Lit Up)...all in less than five minutes. 

For those who want a pretty pop of color, minus the actual heat-induced flushing and sun/wind/sand damage, the flattering effect goes beyond skin deep: Together, this trio of product formulas contain treatment actives at efficacy levels that collectively soothe, hydrate, protect, and deliver antioxidant protection while you wear them. Watch the full video now! 

Want more Baby Cheeks videos? Check out Gucci's guide to the most flattering blush placement. Plus, she shares her best advice for choosing your perfect Baby Cheeks blush shade.

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