Q: Which Baby Cheeks + Lip Suede Bordeaux shade combos go best together?

Ever since we launched the new limited Gift Edition set, one common query keeps coming up: What’s the best way to wear our Baby Cheeks Blush shades with the Les Bordeaux Lip Suede palette? “There are no rules here," Gucci insists, ready to dive into the four festive and customizable lip shades. When it comes to her own favorite pairings, Gucci looks to a few guiding factors - such as creating a subtle contrast between warm and cool tones, or pairing a pop of color with a pared-down shade elsewhere on the face. Take her suggestions of Poppy (a cool vibrant red) with Petal (a warm dusty rose) or Suede (a soft nude) with Bichette (a rich berry red), for example. "I love [wearing] these combinations because the mix of warm and cool shades instantly brightens the [complexion], while a neutral lip looks beautiful with a flushed cheek."

As for her other top picks? Watch the full video to learn the most skin-enhancing lip + cheek pairings yet.

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