"I always love anything in a petite size!" says Gucci, who is just seconds from revealing a new limited edition  Westman Atelier launch.  Taking inspiration from the idea of an easy makeup wardrobe, the "Clean Glow Trio" kit pops miniature sizes of Face Trace Contour, Lit Up Highlight, and Baby Cheeks Blush into one irresistible little pink box. "It's the idea of this healthy, dewy, radiant skin that I've become known for as a professional makeup artist," Gucci explains. "Something to sculpt, highlight, and add that pop of color."

Culling together Gucci's favorite shade pairings, there are two Petite Sticks boxes to choose from, depending on skin tone or simply mood.  In today's tutorial, she reaches for Clean Glow Trio I and gets to work—starting with a dash of Face Trace Contour (in Biscuit) for "a little bit of definition" on cheekbones and eyelids. The super blendable formula contains ingredients like jojoba oil and kaolin clay, and it's "a no brainer" for bringing out your bone structure and best features.

A tap of Lit Up Highlighter (in Lit) comes next on the cheekbones, forehead, bridge of the nose, and cupid's bow for a glassy, just-had-a-facial finish that’s so radiant, "it looks like the light is bending with you." And for a final believable flush of rosy color, there's a swirl of Baby Cheeks Blush (in Petal) on lips and cheeks that treats skin as it works.

The whole affair takes less than five minutes and one, two, three - "boom, I look way more awake!" she says. It's all about creating skin that says "you're super healthy, you're exercising, you're getting a lot of oxygen." Throw them in a bag, Gucci says, and you’re out the door - now how’s that for a breath of fresh air?

Clean Glow Trio I contains Face Trace Contour in Biscuit,  Lit Up Highlight in Lit, and Baby Cheeks Blush in Petal. 

Clean Glow Trio II contains Face Trace Contour in Truffle, Lit Up Highlight in Nectar, and Baby Cheeks Blush in Dou Dou.


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