Here at Westman Atelier, there's an ongoing weekly group chat devoted to our favorite clean beauty products. Skin creams, scalp treatments, facial devices, body balms. You name it.  But this month,  it's suddenly all about one little bright blue sunscreen bottle for our everyday makeup prep.

For more than a few of us, Biossance's Squalene + Zinc daily SPF 30 checks all the right boxes—and here's why. We love the lightweight hydrating texture and broad spectrum protection against UVA and UVB damage—which can collectively cause burning, skin cancer, and photo-aging.  It's a mineral sunscreen that uses zinc oxide to deflect the sun's rays instead of chemical filters. And it's also a "non nano" formulation, meaning its particles aren't so tiny they could pass through the epidermis and potentially enter the bloodstream. (Note: The jury's still out on whether nanosphere particles present any real health risk—but we like a formula that means we don't have to think about it.)  Oh, and it's reef safe!

Beyond those SPF basics, it's silky, it's absorbent, it doesn't cause breakouts. And it's spiked with plant-derived squalene, which seals in moisture. We layer it on and let it sit for a few minutes before we apply Vital Skin Foundation, which builds on the whole nourishing dewy skin effect with coconut and camellia oils, plus another dose of squalene. It's a great makeup base "that completely disappears on my skin," says Lindsay Freeman, Vice President of Digital & Brand Operations, who has been searching for a facial sunscreen that won't leave a chalky residue on her deep caramel complexion. Translation: This one seems poised to stick around way past summer. 




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