When Gucci created Mimi for a limited edition makeup collection that launched one year back, she knew the new tawny beige shade of Baby Cheeks was special. "It's got a touch of soft sienna in the undertone that gives it this sultry, sophisticated feeling," she says of its sunny warmth on lips, eyes, and cheeks.  Still, she never anticipated Mimi would be a runaway sell-out—or the seismic wave of DMs, emails, and IG comments that followed asking her to bring it back stat.

"It took a minute," Gucci laughingly admits of the journey that's kept the entire Westman Atelier team busy over the past twelve months. But as of today, Mimi is available once again—and better than ever, thanks to a new charitable initiative. For the remainder of 2022, 100% of Mimi's proceeds will be donated to eXXpedition, a non-profit organization that's doing innovative work to understand the impact of plastic and toxic pollution in our oceans.  Helmed by an all-female team of scientists and researchers, "I love that they're educating communities, finding solutions, and sparking policy change [along the way]," says Gucci, who has been personally inspired by their global quest.

It's a look-good, feel-good no brainer for 2022, she adds, of the easy bombshell shade and the mission it supports. (Bonus: It's newly outfitted with a gold heart, engraved cap!) Watch the full video now for a first look at how Gucci wears Mimi on eyes, lips, and cheeks—and to hear more about eXXpedition's powerful work.

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